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Search Bundle Screencast – Real-Time ASP.NET AJAX Search Functionality

The Web Client Software Factory team released the Search Bundle not too long ago that helps one incorporate real-time search functionality into your applications using ASP.NET AJAX. It comes with a RealTimeSearchMonitor Control that monitors changes in one or more … Continue reading 

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Thank You for Your Screencasts, Videos, and Sample Code

The past week I have spent a great deal of time watching screencasts and downloading sample code on ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight, and I wanted to extend a big thank you, in general, to those of you who go the … Continue reading 

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Last night I finished ASP.NET AJAX in Action, which is my first thorough introduction to ASP.NET AJAX, and I absolutely loved the book. The content is a nice balance of theory, pragmatism, and insight that keeps you entertained and educated in … Continue reading 

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Validation Guidance Bundle Screencast – ASP.NET AJAX Server-Side Validation

The Microsoft Patterns & Practices Team released the Validation Guidance Bundle as part of the Guidance Bundles in the Web Client Software Factory v2.0. The Validation Guidance Bundle provides a new ServerSideValidationExtender Control that helps provides a richer UI AJAX-style … Continue reading 

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Castle ActiveRecord and Web Client Software Factory

A question showed up in the Web Client Software Factory Forums about using WCSF with Castle Project’s ActiveRecord and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show that indeed these solutions work well together. However, the Getting Started Guide to ActiveRecord is … Continue reading 

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WCSF – Autocomplete Guidance Bundle Screencast – AJAX Autocomplete Functionality

Microsoft Patterns & Practices is releasing Guidance Bundles as part of the Web Client Software Factory v2.0, with each guidance bundle focusing on very specific, bite-sized guidance that can be more easily used in your applications. The Autocomplete Guidance … Continue reading 

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Patterns & Practices and ALT.NET – The Software Factories are Important

I was pondering the Do’s and Don’ts list yesterday that Glenn Block posted on his blog, and couldn’t help but think that for the most part the Patterns & Practices Team is already doing the Do’s and not doing the … Continue reading 

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MVP in ASP.NET – Development with Just the Promise of a View

Jeremy is talking about the differences in the various flavors of MVP as well as MVC in his recent post. Yesterday I was thinking about the same thing while developing another project in ASP.NET using the Model-View-Presenter Pattern. One of the things … Continue reading 

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