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Presenting WCSF v2.0 and Data Access Tip & Techniques at Orlando Code Camp 2008

The Orlando Code Camp is on Saturday, March 22, 2008 and there is already an impressive list of speakers giving talks on a variety of topics. I will be giving two presentations this year:   Introduction to the Web Client … Continue reading 

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Unity IoC Screencast

I created a screencast on doing dependency injection and IoC using Unity from the Microsoft patterns & practices Team. This is an introductory screencast and shows how to use Unity with the ASP.NET MVC Framework and with ASP.NET Webforms using … Continue reading 

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LINQ To SQL and Stored Procedures : Visual Studio 2008 and Repository Factory

I forgot to mention that while I was at SQLSaturday in Tampa, Florida I ran into some very passionate database administrators (DBAs). They were more than happy to give me unsolicited opinions on the evils of O/R Mappers and Dynamic … Continue reading 

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SQLSaturday Presentation Recap: Data Access Tips and Techniques – Tampa, Florida

What an awesome Saturday. I had the honor of presenting at the SQLSaturday Event in Tampa, Florida on one of my favorite topics – Data Access. My presentation, entitled SQL Server Data Access Tips and Techniques, covered a variety of data … Continue reading 

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Code Camps are about Building Community, Not Presentations…

Although I appreciate the recent posts about presentation tips as we enter a new season of code camps, it is important to not lose sight of the real value of code camps. Code camps are not about presentations. Code camps are about … Continue reading 

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Day of Patterns & Practices Screencast – WCSF AJAX DynamicData MVC

Once or twice a year I organize an event called Day of Patterns & Practices in Tampa, Florida. The event brings together proven practices and patterns on a wide variety of subjects. This year we had 4 presentations: Web Client … Continue reading 

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Presenting Aspect-Oriented Programming ( AOP ) at IASA Tampa Meeting in February

I will be presenting Aspect-Oriented Programming ( AOP ) at the next IASA Tampa Meeting on Thursday, February 28, 2008. The IASA Tampa Meetings are the last Thursday of each month at the Microsoft Office in Tampa. They typically start at 6:30pm. … Continue reading 

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South Florida Code Camp Rocked – Well Organized, 600+ Attendees, and Impressive Speakers

It’s been an awesome week. I hung out with the Tampa .NET Developer Group on Monday, presented at the Day of Patterns & Practices Event on Thursday, and then drove down with the infamous Joe Healy to present at the ever popular South Florida Code Camp on … Continue reading 

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Day of Patterns & Practices Today – Web Client Software Factory Presentation Recap

I want to thank all of you who attended the Day of Patterns & Practices in Tampa today. I received a lot of good feeback on my presentation of the Web Client Software Factory ( WCSF ) v2.0. I challenged people … Continue reading 

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