South Florida Code Camp Rocked – Well Organized, 600+ Attendees, and Impressive Speakers

It’s been an awesome week. I hung out with the Tampa .NET Developer Group on Monday, presented at the Day of Patterns & Practices Event on Thursday, and then drove down with the infamous Joe Healy to present at the ever popular South Florida Code Camp on Saturday!

The South Florida Code Camp had over 600 attendees and many impressive speakers. The awesome Dave Noderer is the guy who magically makes this event happen with the utmost composure, grace, and dedication. We are lucky to have him in Florida!

I presented Getting Started with the ASP.NET MVC Framework. The room was packed and questions were being asked left and right :) Due to the number of questions and excitement over the MVC framework I was unable to discuss the last part of the presentation on extensibility and other advanced topics. That section may have been a bit too in-depth for a 200 level presentation anyway, so we will save that one for a later time or perhaps a screencast :)


ASP.NET MVC Framework 


Since many people arrived before my presentation and were still pouring in at the start of the session, I did a quick impromptu presentation on the Web Client Software Factory. I still had my presentation from the Day of Patterns & Practices loaded on my laptop, so the attendees got a 15 minute bonus presentation on the AJAX Guidance Bundles. Make the most of our time I say :)


Web Client Software Factory


I want to thank all of those who attended my session and thank all the presenters for a job well done. The Florida .NET Developer Community Rocks!


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2 Responses to South Florida Code Camp Rocked – Well Organized, 600+ Attendees, and Impressive Speakers

  1. David Hayden says:

    Absolutely. It has been a busy week of traveling and presenting, so I will have slides ande code samples available for download either today or tomorrow.

  2. Can you post samples and presentation on your blog?

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