Day of Patterns & Practices Screencast – WCSF AJAX DynamicData MVC

Day of Patterns & Practices ScreencastOnce or twice a year I organize an event called Day of Patterns & Practices in Tampa, Florida. The event brings together proven practices and patterns on a wide variety of subjects. This year we had 4 presentations:

  • Web Client Software Factory v2.0

  • Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition

  • Test-Driven Development ( TDD ) and Model-View-Presenter ( MVP )

  • ASP.NET MVC Framework

The event is held at the Microsoft Tampa Office and registration typically fills up in about 3 weeks.

I know how frustrating it can be to just miss registration for an event or be unable to attend due to prior obligations or physical distance from the event, so I created a 20 minute screencast that consolidates my 75 minute presentation on the Web Client Software Factory v2.0.

I can’t go into detail in the screencast like I did in the presentations, but hopefully the screencast will give you a feel as to what is possible with the AJAX Guidance Bundles and Composite Web Application Block and how easily you can integrate them into existing applications and frameworks. As shown in the screencast, I integrated the extenders and controls from the AutoComplete, Validation, and Search Bundles into the new ASP.NET Dynamic Data and ASP.NET MVC Frameworks.

I published a few posts that might help clarify the use of the Composite Web Application Block in the ASP.NET MVC Framework:

I have also published a number of ASP.NET Dynamic Data Tutorials that might help with it.

I hope this helps those of you who requested the screencast or couldn’t make it to the event.

View the Screencast


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2 Responses to Day of Patterns & Practices Screencast – WCSF AJAX DynamicData MVC

  1. David Hayden says:


    I haven’t tried it, so I can’t be completely sure.

    I recommend asking the question on the WCSF Discussion List on CodePlex.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi David,

    Is it possible to use any of WCAB, WCSF, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, and ASP.NET MVC to develop DotNetNuke module?


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