SQLSaturday Presentation Recap: Data Access Tips and Techniques – Tampa, Florida

Data Access Tips and Techniques - David HaydenWhat an awesome Saturday. I had the honor of presenting at the SQLSaturday Event in Tampa, Florida on one of my favorite topics – Data Access.

My presentation, entitled SQL Server Data Access Tips and Techniques, covered a variety of data access related technologies and proven practices from Microsoft:


  • Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block


  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • ADO.NET Data Services

What I really liked about presenting this material is that the technologies are so easy to use that one can literally do all the code samples from scratch. Sure I had some working code in case things went wrong ( DO THE JULIA CHILD as Rod so eloquently puts it ), but I didn’t need it. It is amazing how intuitive the developer experience is with these data access tools and technologies, even the ones still in CTP!

People were absolutely amazed by the ASP.NET Dynamic Data Framework and ADO.NET Data Services. I still get excited about them, too. Download them as part of the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP if you haven’t already.

I spent a considerable amount of time showing developers how to leverage LINQ To SQL with existing stored procedures and using dynamic SQL as a way to transition to it from ADO.NET, especially if they weren’t quite comfortable with O/R Mapping. The same goes for the ADO.NET Entity Framework. I focused quite a bit on the Entity Client and Object Services with Entity SQL in addition to LINQ To Entities so people could transition to full blown O/R Mapping and/or LINQ in a more gentle way as their skills and confidence increased in that area.

Thanks to all of you who attended both my sessions and for the positive feedback.

I hope to see some of you again at my IASA Presentation on Aspect-Oriented Programming in Tampa, Florida on Thursday, February 28th. Register here.

Thanks, again.

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