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Presentation Recap: ASP.NET MVC Framework – Unity IoC – Data Access Tips & Techniques

I presented a number of topics at the Sarasota Florida .NET Developer Group on Thursday Evening. I gave two 1-hour presentations: Introduction to the ASP.NET MVC Framework Data Access Tips & Techniques and we hit a number of newer technologies in … Continue reading 

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Book Review: LINQ in Action

I read another excellent book on LINQ recently, called LINQ in Action, which provides some excellent coverage of the new language enhancements added for LINQ as well as the various flavors of LINQ. If you are looking for a single book … Continue reading 

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Unity IoC and ASP.NET MVC Framework Screencast

Based on several requests, I created a new screencast that shows one step-by-step how to add the Unity IoC Container from Microsoft Patterns & Practices to an ASP.NET MVC Web Application to create controllers and inject their dependencies. Unity IoC – … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 4.0 CTP Available

Microsoft Patterns & Practices released the Enterprise Library 4.0 CTP. You can download it here. If you use Enterprise Library quite a bit, at a minimum I recommend downloading the change log to see if they missed a bug or issue … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio 2008 Tips: Implement Interface Regions and Organize Usings Settings

Awhile back I wrote a quick tutorial on how to optimize using statements in Visual Studio 2008 similar to ReSharper: Visual Studio 2008 Tip: Resolving Namespaces and Removing Unused Using Statements I received a few comments from people wondering how … Continue reading 

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