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Visual Studio 2008 Tips: Implement Interface Regions and Organize Usings Settings

Awhile back I wrote a quick tutorial on how to optimize using statements in Visual Studio 2008 similar to ReSharper:

Visual Studio 2008 Tip: Resolving Namespaces and Removing Unused Using Statements

I received a few comments from people wondering how to remove the warning in Visual Studio about optimizing usings when build error exists and sorting of System Namespaces, which led me to the Advanced Settings for the C# Text Editor in Visual Studio 2008. As shown below, you can modify the behavior if you don’t like the defaults:


Visual Studio 2008 Tips


The other gem I picked up from this discovery process is the ability to not have Visual Studio 2008 insert a region around the methods it generates when you ask it to implement an interface. So now when you engage this feature in Visual Studio 2008:


Visual Studio 2008 Implement Interface


The methods generated won’t have a region around them if you uncheck the checkbox highlighted above ( Surround generated code with #region ).


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