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Unity IoC and ASP.NET MVC Framework Screencast

Unity IoC and ASP.NET MVC FrameworkBased on several requests, I created a new screencast that shows one step-by-step how to add the Unity IoC Container from Microsoft Patterns & Practices to an ASP.NET MVC Web Application to create controllers and inject their dependencies.

Unity IoC – Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC Framework Screencast

You can also catch the first Unity Screencast that shows about a dozen common usages of Unity as well as briefly discusses the use of Unity using MVC and Model-View-Presenter:

Unity Dependency Injection IoC Screencast


Here are some links to sample code on Unity regarding what you see in the screencasts:


Hope this helps.


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5 Responses to Unity IoC and ASP.NET MVC Framework Screencast

  1. We’ll get there. I’ve got to get Entlib 4 out the door next.

    Also, you should update your tutorials. IUnityParentContainer went away a couple of drops ago; CreateChildContainer is now available directly off IUnityContainer.

  2. David Hayden says:


    Good to know. I didn’t realize that. I’m waiting for your webcast so I can pick up even more pointers, especially on extensibility :)

  3. One minor nit at the beginning: If you install the block with the MSI, the Unity assemblies are available on the .NET tab. You don’t need to browse for them.


  4. Torkel says:

    Nice cast, I prefer castle windsor. It is good that the ASP.NET MVC framework is not dependent on any one IoC container.

  5. Cole B says:

    Hey great job on the screen cast. Pretty slick use there for the dependency injection and ControllerFactory. Can’t wait to start using these items in my daily programming life.

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