Presentation Recap: ASP.NET MVC Framework – Unity IoC – Data Access Tips & Techniques

Sarasota .NET DeveloperI presented a number of topics at the Sarasota Florida .NET Developer Group on Thursday Evening. I gave two 1-hour presentations:

and we hit a number of newer technologies in the span of two hours:

  • ASP.NET MVC Framework

  • Unity IoC with ASP.NET MVC Framework

  • ADO.NET Fundamentals and Best Practices

  • Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block

  • LINQ To SQL and LINQ To SQL API ( Executing Commands, Queries, Stored Procedures )

  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework ( Entity Client, Object Services, LINQ To Entities )

  • ADO.NET Data Services ( using LINQ To SQL, Custom BookCollection Class, and AJAX )

Thanks to everyone who attended and for all the great feedback on the presentations and examples.

Here are a few links I have mentioned in the past for those who attended and are looking for more information.

I have some LINQ To SQL Tutorials and ASP.NET Dynamic Data Tutorials that I put together in the past. I mentioned the new drop of ASP.NET Dynamic Data on Code Gallery. I recommend watching David Ebbo’s Mix 08 Video: ASP.NET Dynamic Data Websites Presentation at Mix 08.

There are a couple of additional MIX 08 Videos I saw that are worth watching on ADO.NET Data Services:  ADO.NET Data Services with Pablo Castro and ADO.NET Data Services with Mike Flasko.

Make sure you download ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 and Unity 1.0. Check out Scott Hanselman’s ASP.NET MVC in Action Videos. I put together an ASP.NET MVC with Unity Screencast, which mirrors the walk-thru I did during the presentation. I mentioned the MVCContrib Project for IoC Containers and View Engine Examples with the ASP.NET MVC. Although there is nothing there yet, I also mentioned the UnityContrib Project is kicking-off.

Have a great weekend. Again, thanks for attending!

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  1. And what a great presentation it was – thanks David. You obviously know this material and are enthusiastic about it – which transfers to the audience. David Ebbo’s Mix08 video is well worth the view.

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