Enterprise Library 4.0 Released with Unity IoC Integration

I was wondering just the other day when Enterprise Library 4.0 might be released and low and behold today was the day.

There are no new application blocks with Enterprise Library 4.0, but there are a few enhancements to existing blocks and the much anticipated Unity IoC Integration. If you so desire, you can now use Unity to wire up your application blocks when using Enterprise Library in your applications. This is, of course, optional. You can use the existing configuration model that has been at the core of Enterprise Library since 2.0 and replaced the Configuration Application Block.

You can download Enterprise Library 4.0 here. I recommend you visit the landing page to learn about all the particulars of Enterprise Library 4.0.

If you are a veteran Enterprise Library developer, it is essentially business as usual unless you choose to use Unity for configuration and you haven’t played with it yet. For more information on Unity, I have a couple of Unity Screencasts and a number of Unity Tutorials on PnPGuidance:

Unity is pretty simple to use as dependency injection / IoC tools go.

Over the years I have probably written well over 50 – 100 tutorials on Enterprise Library. Down right pathetic as to how much I have written on Enterprise Library actually :) It was a great learning experience, however. For the most part all of the tutorials still apply, so if you are just learning Enterprise Library feel free to go through them. Even though I broke them down into Enterprise Library 2.0 Tutorials and Enterprise Library 3.0 Tutorials, the information is still accurate for Enterprise Library 4.0 with possibly a few exceptions.

I often get asked where to start with all the tutorials, so I usually just point people to the following introductory tutorials that focus on the fundamentals for about each application block.

You can also find some Enterprise Library Tutorials on PnPGuidance.

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2 Responses to Enterprise Library 4.0 Released with Unity IoC Integration

  1. David Hayden says:

    I am a previous Delphi developer myself :)

    Many of my tutorials start from scratch, so I think you will find them helpful. You can probably find some webcasts by Microsoft that cover the basics, too.

    In the future, however, I will plan to do more introductory screencasts for those developers just starting to work with Enterprise Library. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. DanO says:

    Thanks for this, and all your previous information and enthusiasm for Enterprise Library.

    I’ve been trying to take advantage of Enterprise Library since we switched to .NET from Delphi a year ago (yes, we’re late adopters). I’ve enjoyed and been enthused by some of your screen casts before, but I’ve still been frustrated by the near vertical learning curve of Enterprise Library, especially since I haven’t been following Enterprise Library from the beginning, the discussions and documentation of each release seem to be only about the deltas.

    I’m hopeful that your consolidation of the starting points and other material here will help me break-in and make better use of this library and guidance.

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