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ASP.NET MVC and Validation Using IDataErrorInfo and Validation Application Block

I have talked about various ways to use the Validation Application Block with the MVC Framework:: ASP.NET MVC and Enterprise Library Validation Application Block ASP.NET MVC Validation using Policy Injection Application Block in Enterprise Library but in the new ASP.NET … Continue reading 

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Overriding Global T4 Templates in ASP.NET MVC Project with Per Project Templates

Thanks to John Meyer for pointing this out in the comments in the previous post. As mentioned in the notes, you can override the global T4 Templates for Add Controller and Add View in the ASP.NET MVC Framework by importing … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC 1.0 RC1 and T4 Templates – Add Controller…

The news that ASP.NET MVC now has some integration with T4 Templates got me a bit excited thinking about the code generation capabilities. As Scott pointed out in his post, there is now an “Add Controller…” option:     that … Continue reading 

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Presented ADO.NET and O/R Mappers in SQL Saturday Tampa Florida Today

TAG: Florida .NET Developers I had the pleasure of presenting SQL Server Data Access Tips & Techniques at SQL Saturday in Tampa, Florida today. The spotlight was on ADO.NET and O/R Mappers. I want to thank everyone for attending and … Continue reading 

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Presenting AOP in Sarasota Florida Tonight

TAG: Florida Developer Events   I have a busy couple of weeks with regards to presentations. Tonight I am in Sarasota Florida presenting AOP, Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming, which will be followed by presentations in Tampa SQL Saturday and the … Continue reading 

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Unity Interception and Custom ICallHandler – Order Property and Firing of Handlers

Last night I was up to the wee hours of the morning finishing some AOP examples for my Aspect-Oriented Programming Presentation to the Sarasota .NET Developer Group this Thursday, January 22, 2009. As I was converting some custom Interceptors used … Continue reading 

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