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Tampa ASP.NET MVC Special Interest Group Forming

I have started an ASP.NET MVC Special Interest Group in Tampa that is dedicated to help us all become experts at the new ASP.NET MVC Framework that will be released in March by Microsoft. The developer group will meet each … Continue reading 

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Orlando Code Camp 2009 Call for Speakers and Registration

Tag: Florida Developers   The Orlando Code Camp on Saturday, March 28th is the next big code camp in Florida. The call for speakers is open and there is already a really good line-up of talks on DotNetNuke, MVC Framework, … Continue reading 

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Patterns & Principles Help Me Sleep!

I don’t talk about design patterns & principles in my blog as much as before because they have become second nature to me, kinda like breathing. Understanding the value of design patterns and object-oriented principles was a huge transformation in my career. … Continue reading 

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South Florida Code Camp 2009 Rocked!

  My hats off to Dave Noderer and crew for another fantastic South Florida Code Camp in 2009. This is an event I refuse to miss year after year. As a speaker, presenting two sessions is nothing compared to what … Continue reading 

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An Aha Moment on MVC Validation Extensibility in DefaultModelBinder – Bye to IDataErrorInfo

A comment by Scott Guthrie on my last post had me distracted this evening: “One other thing to note is that the IDataErrorInfo support is implemented using standard validation extensibility APIs added with the RC.  So if you don’t like … Continue reading 

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TryUpdateModel and IDataErrorInfo – Avoiding Exception-Based Validation

In the comments on my previous post, Eric doesn’t like the idea of using exception-based validation. My focus in the previous post on IDataErrorInfo and MVC wasn’t so much on the raising of exceptions to signal a validation violation or … Continue reading 

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Upcoming South Florida Code Camp and Ft. Myers Florida Presentations

Tag: Florida Developer Events   It has been a busy couple of weeks regarding presentations. I had the honor of presenting AOP for the Sarasota .NET Developers and ADO.NET and O/R Mappers at SQL Saturday in Tampa, and now have upcoming presentations … Continue reading 

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