South Florida Code Camp 2009 Rocked!

South Florida Code Camp


My hats off to Dave Noderer and crew for another fantastic South Florida Code Camp in 2009. This is an event I refuse to miss year after year.

As a speaker, presenting two sessions is nothing compared to what these folks do to accommodate some 800 attendees and 60+ speakers for one heck of a developer bash at Devry University. Just like ducks in a pond, I am sure they are moving like crazy under the surface, but the experience for the attendees and presenters is always smooth and calm. Ya gotta love it 😉

My hats off to Devry University for letting us use their awesome facilities, too. I can’t say enough as to how fortunate we are to have such a perfect location to host the code camp.

And to those I only get to see once a year at the South Florida Code Camp, I can’t wait to do it again in 2010! Thanks for a great time.

Next Up – Ft. Myers Florida – Presenting Enterprise Library, Unity and LINQ To SQL Tuesday.


David Hayden


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