Grunt-Bump-WMAppManifest: Updating Version Information for Windows Phone via Grunt

In a previous post showed how to use Grunt.js to update the version number inside the Windows Phone WPAppManifest.xml file. In that post shows you how to create a custom task in grunt to accomplish this. This works great but I wanted to turn this logic into an NPM package for Grunt.

I have created the following Grunt NPM package (called grunt-bump-wmappmanifest) which will perform this same action but without you having to create a custom task.

You can find this code in my Github Repo
You can find the NPM package on

To use this plugin you only need to do 2 things
1) Install the package ‘npm install grunt-bump-wmappmanifest’
2) Configure your grunt script as seen below (this is the bare usage, check out the github Readme for more details

bump_wmappmanifest: {
    wpapp: {
        options: {
            debug: true,
            usePackageVersion: true,
        src: "../pathToFile/WMAppManifest.xml",
        dest: "../pathToFile/WMAppManifest.xml"

Hope this helps and makes life a bit simpler.

Till next time,

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