Grunt-Deploy-WPXap: Using Grunt to deploy your Windows Phone application

I like Grunt.js, I think it is pretty easy to use and I think creating custom tasks for it are pretty easy. But I am also currently building Windows Phone applications. Seems like these 2 things do not really mix too well, like oil and water. But I like a good challenge, I also like trying out new things.

One thing I wanted to do as I am building out my tasks for Grunt has been to take a xap and launch it to either a emulator or to a physical device. I had thought this would be a royal PITA, but honestly it was pretty easy.

The result of my effort is a grunt plugin called Grunt-Deploy-WPXap, you can get this off of Github or from I hope the Readme has enough information, if not let me know and I will make changes to it.

Keep in mind that I have only tested this on my laptop, with MY project. If this package does not meet your needs let me know and I can fix it, or I take pull requests.

Till next time,

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