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Using InvokeCommandAction in Winodws 8.1 Universal Applications

This is just a PSA posting. If you are making the jump from Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 XAML development and are used to use the EventToCommand helper which comes along w/ the MVVM Light framework, things have changed … Continue reading 

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Restsharp, MultiPartFormDataContent File Name — 400 error

Ok, I really hate and enjoy spending 6 hours hunting down an issue. I hate it because the bug is super stupid and I have no idea why it would be this way. I enjoy it because this is what … Continue reading 

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xClassNotDerivedFromElement – Another Non-Informative XAML Parse Error

Recently I created a post on how I hated XAML parse exceptions because they are non-informative and almost never provide any context to help solve the issue at hand. Today I found a new error message which takes the cake. … Continue reading 

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Missing NuGet Packages and Visual Studio

Today I was trying to update my solution to use the newest version of some of the NuGet packages, I had a few items a bit out of date. I did the update via the UI in Visual Studio, everything … Continue reading 

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Oh XAML, how I hate your error messages

I like XAML, I like some of the cool things I can do with it (although I do wish it was more like CSS in some ways). However, for something that has been around since 2006 why do your error … Continue reading 

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