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JavaScript Code Coverage using Karma-Coverage w/ Grunt

As part of our ongoing effort at my client to setup a testing environment for our JavaScript code I wanted to also setup the ability to do code coverage on our files. To accomplish this I am going to integrate … Continue reading 

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Using Grunt/Karma/Jasmine-Ajax inside your Jasmine Tests

My current client is trying to add JavaScript specs to its code base and we have decided to implement a Grunt/Karma/Jasmine solution. Like many (if not most) JavaScript code bases our code will make remote calls via jQuery to the … Continue reading 

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Using Grunt-TSD w/ Node

If you are a fan of Typescript I assume you are well aware of the amazing type definition repository over at This repository is great because it provides a definitive source for type definitions for pretty much every major … Continue reading 

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Grunt-Deploy-WPXap: Using Grunt to deploy your Windows Phone application

I like Grunt.js, I think it is pretty easy to use and I think creating custom tasks for it are pretty easy. But I am also currently building Windows Phone applications. Seems like these 2 things do not really mix … Continue reading 

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Grunt-Bump-WMAppManifest: Updating Version Information for Windows Phone via Grunt

In a previous post showed how to use Grunt.js to update the version number inside the Windows Phone WPAppManifest.xml file. In that post shows you how to create a custom task in grunt to accomplish this. This works great but … Continue reading 

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Using Grunt to update WMAppManifest.xml version number (Windows Phone Manifest)

In my previous post I shows how to use Grunt.js to update the AssemblyInfo.cs file. In this post I am going to show you how to update the WMAppManifest.xml file. This is the manifest file which is used by Windows … Continue reading 

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