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Monthly Archives: January 2009


So this is my quasi-new project. It is essentially the MassTransit.Host ripped out and in its own project. It is also the embodiment of my lessons learned about building services (daemons) on the windows platform. Sample Code var cfg = … Continue reading 

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Tackling Complexity

One of my core focuses for work this year is going to be tackling complexity. I think I have a couple of good ideas, and here they are (A lot of these are directly inspired by the book ‘The Toyota … Continue reading 

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Kick the DateTime.Now addiction

How many times do we naively rely on DateTime.Now for business dates. Yikes, I just reviewed a system that I wrote a while back and I have chained myself to this concept in a very painful way. Now, I am … Continue reading 

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Shared Random Idea: Batch Tables

In the spirit of sharing, and since sometimes the only reason I write crappy code is because I had no idea how to do it otherwise I share the following idea. Please improve upon it in the comments. Batch Tables … Continue reading 

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Simple Tools

This week I wrote a very simple tool (well almost got it complete) that simply moves directories around on the disk. It has a small but helpful domain model, and has no database, yet keeps track of stuff in text … Continue reading 

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Planning the Upcoming Year

I spent this weekend trying to come to grips with what it is I want to do this year (2009). 2008 was such an awesome year, its exciting to see what I could accomplish in 2009. For starters, I will … Continue reading 

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