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What’s the difference between a message and an event

MassTransit has hit 0.6 RC1 On the Elegant Code Cast, I was asked what the difference was between a message and an event, and I really wasn’t happy with my answer. Well as luck would have it I recently started … Continue reading 

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Whew, pile of productivity this weekend.

Well we are getting closer and closer to MassTransit 0.6 release. Features to look forward to include: Improved Saga support (now using Magnum StateMachine) auto consumer for sagas as well New outbound pipeline increases performance A concept of BusServices Now … Continue reading 

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PhatBoyG and me on Elegant Code

Just over a week ago, Chris Patterson and I recorded a podcast with Elegant Coders Jarod Ferguson and David Starr. We spent a couple of hours discussing event driven architecture (EDA), messaging, and MassTransit. Through the magic of editing, they … Continue reading 

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Topshelf Isolated Services

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have a need for Topshelf services to run in separate application domains. This is a feature I have wanted for a little while, but had no idea how to do it. Thanks … Continue reading 

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When is one container (IoC) not enough?

Recently, Chris and I have been working on the next release of MassTransit (MT) and in the process of getting everything all nice and shiny we ran smack into an issue that neither of us have really had the chance … Continue reading 

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