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dropkick – an idea for deployments

Still very rough, but I have the DSL compiling and looking at making file copy work. This is more than anything an exercise in building a framework that uses the same structure as the MassTransit Sagas.

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Why messaging #5 – Bus vs Broker

I have in the past gotten in a tizzy about message brokers and message busses. I pretty much say, busses rule and brokers drool. This stems from the fact that I view them as filling the same role, the intermediary … Continue reading 

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Why Messaging #4 – So hows it going?

Its been over a year since I went down the messaging path and how has it been? What have a learned? What has sucked? The following are some thoughts on my experiences with deploying MassTransit Although explaining the benefits of … Continue reading 

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Why Messaging #3 – What did I read?

I just finished presenting at the Iowa Code Camp and one of the little change ups that I did in this presentation was talk about the various books that I have read. So, if you have decided to pursue messaging … Continue reading 

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Why Messaging #2 – What is a message

So what is a message? A message is an atomic unit of work. It should contain all of the data needed for the receiver to do its job. Ok, well that’s great but what is it? Its really pretty simple: … Continue reading 

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