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Why Messaging #6: Why not …

As I have been writing this series I have been asked a couple of times why I didn’t use technology X. I have tried to respond in the comments, but for those of you that may not be following the comments I have tried to summarize my thoughts here.

Why not BizTalk?

Actually I did consider BizTalk and ruled it out for a couple of reasons. 1. I have heard more horror stories than success stories 2. The price tag, I just couldn’t make the case for that much money on a concept that was still in the initial testing stages. 3. I am no BizTalk expert, but I was concerned about the testability of such a program. 4. I didn’t want to have to install BizTalk onto my dev machines.

Why not Tibco, SonicESB, etc?

See BizTalk

Why not Sql Server Service Broker?

1. Overall longevity of system, its a child product of Sql Server not its own product like BizTalk. 2. Like BizTalk I was worried about the testability of the system. 3. My SQL Servers do enough work as it is, and I would prefer not to put more stuff on them, especially business logic.

Why not NServiceBus?

Probably the best question for me really. At the time it seemed complex (it is a complex problem). Used a lot of verbage I wasn’t familiar with (unicast / multicast, I just want a message). Was tied to Spring.Net (not anymore). I wanted a simple NSB for use in my shop (as I said its not a simple problem though), in the beginning MT was very small and easy. Although as Chris and I have been working MT it is getting more complex, to handle the complexity in the problem. I am starting to appreciate the complexity that adding this architecture brings to a project (because it is explicit complexity which is helping to clarify the overall problem) but I also see the tremendous value it brings as well.

Lastly: In the end it was a means for me to learn, I enjoy coding and thinking about problems. It has made asking questions about the problems easier as I can phrase them now in the NSB world and the MT world. Its not a path I recommend for just anyone but it worked for me.

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  • http://www.chrisholmesonline.com Chris

    You’re making a good decision, I think. I always believe it’s a good idea to learn through coding. Especially when it comes to a complex technology. You will be much better positioned in the future to know whether a tool like NServiceBus is the right tool for the job, because you’ve built your own and understand the problem domain and the complexity so much better.

  • Jason Meckley

    another option for messaging is rhino service bus. You can find the lastest bits on github.

  • Steve Py

    It’s an interesting discussion point that I’ve run into the past, also coincidentally around messaging vs. something else. (at the time, web services/WCF)

    On the one hand there’s the argument that “if you do it that way, you’re re-inventing a wheel, or using a train when you could be using a plane.” Technology X+1 is designed to solve your problem, and more!

    My argument is often that I understand the problem domain, and I understand particular solution paths to solve that problem, and Technology X I know will fit that problem domain well. X+1 might be better, but I don’t fuly understand X+1 yet, it’s also immature. Adopting X+1 often means stumbling around a bit, and the risk is that I won’t fully understand, or be happy with the solution.