Complex vs Complicated

Just a quick reminder for myself

It is ok if something is complex so long as it is not complicated.

complex: composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite

complicated: difficult to analyze or understand

Many problems require complexity to solve. Calculating the discounted value for a 30 year financial instrument using a predicted rate model with a monthly granularity requires a lot of work. You have to generate the rate model, calculate the cash flows from the instrument, then apply the discount to the flows. If this seems simple to you its because you understand the reasons behind each one of these steps.

I don’t think any problem requires ‘complicatedness’ in order to be solved. This is like the reoccuring geek joke, “Well we could call the RateManager and then send the results in a JSON document in an email to the InstumentClass that then faxes the … and finally a suite of monkeys types the result on your screen”. Does your problem need that kind of solution?

Anyways, nothing new, just a note to me.

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