because I was bored and I am sick and tired of setting up stupid VB.Net projects

I am trying to setup some standards, but standards documents only gather dust so now I have a dirt simple way for people to setup new projects that will follow our standards and will also save a chunk of time since we won’t have to clean up all the shiat that VS puts into a VB.Net project.

set the config file to your source location

<add key="source_control" value="[your scm url]" />

Command Line

once warmup is on your path

warmup [template name] [name to replace with]


warmup web FHLBank.AwesomeWebSite

This will go to your SVN (and soon GIT) repo and do an export/clone of that directory then replace the ‘__NAME__’ with your supplied name

So now you can build a templated solution with projects and third party libs just name the stuff to be replace with ‘__NAME__’

I still need to work on some GUID updates. I am sure I will run into other little issues, this is about 60 minutes worth of work so don’t be too harsh.


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  • http://programmer.brettveenstra.com Brett Veenstra

    Have you looked into TreeSurgeon on CodePlex? I’ve used it in the past to setup a shell structure with MbUnit tests and all.

    Probably deserves an UppercuT version!

  • http://codebetter.com/members/rob.reynolds/default.aspx Rob

    This is freakin sweet yo!