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Leveraging Business Primitives in FubuMvc

If you like to use Business Primitives then you should really enjoy this feature in FubuMvc Now you can use the HexColor type on your view model and this code will automatically do the conversion for you. Here is how … Continue reading 

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RSS Feed

For those that have asked here is my RSS feed. Some aspects are still being worked out, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments! -d

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A brain dump after reading Alt.Next

I was reading Ian Cooper’s post ‘Alt.Next‘ and found it resonating very strongly with me. I particularly liked how he wrapped it up at the end with: “Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “there are always two parties; the establishment and the … Continue reading 

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CodeMash product launch

So at a conference, which was largely developers presenting on not .Net, Microsoft decides to launch their Web Matrix product, a light weight code editorĀ (and who knows what else, I didn’t attend which is my bad). This blows me a … Continue reading 

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This week I attended the CodeMash conference in Sandusky, OH. The conference was another excellent oppertunity to really reach out to other technologies and see what I could learn from them. And I had just that opportunity when I say … Continue reading 

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MassTransit: Next Steps (for dru)

For the last three years Chris and I have been working on MassTransit in various amounts of capacity. I am very excited to see us both back in active development again. I hope to see a few releases this year … Continue reading 

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Sphinx – A better way to write your docs

In the cool things I am stealing from the python community, I would like to introduce you to Sphinx. Sphinx is a frigging amazing documentation tool. Its amazing because: it is simple: its just plain text formatted in reStructuredText its … Continue reading 

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