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CodeMash product launch

So at a conference, which was largely developers presenting on not .Net, Microsoft decides to launch their Web Matrix product, a light weight code editor (and who knows what else, I didn’t attend which is my bad). This blows me a way a little bit considering this was probably an audience ripe for MVC 3 and/or NuGet.

Is Microsoft that lost? Its also possible that I am missing a bigger picture. Targeting the upper levels of programmers may not be in Microsoft’s best financial interest. I don’t know. But it makes me sad at times.

/me looks closer at mono


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  • http://twitter.com/MaggieLongshore Maggie Longshore

    I left part way through thinking the same thing – it was clear that application developers would have no use for WebMatrix – looked like a web site wizard. May be useful for a Give Camp site

  • Anonymous

    @Josh, ozzy, Ryan: yeah just a missed chance to connect.
    @Eber: I am aware. I am saying the conf had a lot of people that are out of/left .net and they focus on WebMatrix instead of the really cool stuff IMO.

  • http://twitter.com/JoshReedSchramm Josh Schramm

    This was exactly my annoyance with the launch event. To be clear I don’t fault the Codemash organizers at all for this. Getting the name out via a broadcast launch event is awesome and its pretty cool of MS to offer that exposure, but the audience was better suited for a MVC3 launch or NuGet launch, not Webmatrix.

  • ozzymcduff

    Well, some of the webmatrix stuff might be useful to show some of your coworkers who dont want to learn so much, just bang out some monkey code … :/

  • Eber

    MVC3/NuGet *are .NET

  • http://twitter.com/cromwellryan Ryan Cromwell

    They did spend time on MVC 3 and Nuget, but not enough IMO. They should have been at the beginning, again IMO, followed by the launch. They used the Codemash name for the WebMatrix launch which is cool for both parties, but they certainly made a bad PR move towards those in the audience.