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Functional Languages

At geekmeld this weekend, I got into a very lively discussion with @shajra about code organization thoughts. It was interesting because me and the others were clearly coming from an OOP background and approach and @shajra was coming from a … Continue reading 

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Business Sensors

Random Idea/Note to Self A lot of hardware integrated applications have the concept of a sensor. It can detect when something has happened, such as a temperature change and then execute some code, via some form of delegate. I want … Continue reading 

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MonoDevelop Wishlist

Ok, so I used MonoDevelop for a few hours today, as I am starting to get Topshelf to run on mac and ubuntu. I thought this would be a good way to make sure everything was okey dokey. Until I … Continue reading 

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BRAIN DUMP: Conventional Routing in RabbitMQ

As I sit hereĀ and ponder how we are going to implement RabbitMQ in MassTransit I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts. Below is my brain dump on how we are thinking we will approach RabbitMQ. Please give … Continue reading 

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MassTransit 2.0 Beta – Boo Yeah!

After what seems like a long slumber, along with work being done on other projects such as Topshelf and Stact, it is our great pleasure to announce the first beta release of MassTransit v2.0. What originally started out as a … Continue reading 

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