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Learning and Growth

‘Just shut up and be awesome’ will get you a lot of RTs, even though it won’t TEACH anyone how to actually ‘be awesome’. -mack collier – comment from Kathy Sierra’s guest post on Gaping Void via Josh   Combined … Continue reading 

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The Ada Initiative

It is with great pleasure that I have the honor to announce that CodeBetter has stepped up and put its money where its mouth is (remember the scholarship?) in regards to women and technology. As of today CodeBetter is one … Continue reading 

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Create and Destroy

I am reading the excellent, if dry, book Data and Reality. One of the quotes from the book that I really like can be paraphrased as Create and Destroy, when applied to an information system, really instruct the system to … Continue reading 

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db4o’s no primary keys

While playing with db4o a while back I kept getting smacked with how to structure my data. Primary Key’s are a database thing, and they are a hard habit to break. How do we achieve the same level of identity … Continue reading 

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Getting FubuMVC (Asp.Net) running on Ubuntu

This week I had one goal. Get a FubuMVC site running on ubuntu and then document it for others. Well I succeeded at that goal, and here are my notes. I am not the best unix hacker so some of … Continue reading 

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