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Another Question: Information Sources

Where are you getting your new information on software development? No matter the language or platform. Who outside of the software realm is influencing your development learning? Please let me know in the comments what books you are reading, what … Continue reading 

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Sunday Thought: Embracing the Type System

I had a lot of fun talking with all of you on the benefits of dynamic languages on the previous post. Definitely getting a better picture of what working with a language like that is like listening to your stories, … Continue reading 

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A Question to You: the Reader

A curiosity hit me today. What is the value of dynamically typed languages in larger projects? Do they have unique benefits? Do they have unique negatives? Load up the comments. -d

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Sunday Thinking: Are you dealing with Risk or Uncertainty?

I was going through some notes of mine trying to clean up some older documents and I ran across this great quote from Frank Knight (an Economist who studied the effects of risk on market transactions) on the difference between … Continue reading 

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log4net object renders

In my last post on using the built in ‘DebuggerDisplay’ attribute to improve your debugging experience, a few commentors said that they used the ToString() method to control their logging output, and that way could get double duty for debugging … Continue reading 

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