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Fine Grained Issues

One of the little things that I have noticed as a new trend for us here at Dovetail is the use of finer grained issues. Smaller and more focused issues. While this is nothing new, and has always been a helpful thing to do, it has never been easy to do (at least for me). You have to go to some website or app, type a bunch of information into the app and then start over with the next fine grained issue.

Well, I have found a command line app for creating github issues. Its called ‘ghi’ http://rubygems.org/gems/ghi

with this I can open issues with the following simple command

githubrepo> ghi -o "issue title"


githubrepo> ghi -o "issue title" -m "issue body"

ghi assumes that you are in a directory of a git repository, which is also nice because you don’t have to tell it which repo to send the issue to.

Take this, and combine it with http://huboard.com and you can get some amazing issue management. Lightweight enough for me to actually use it, and captures enough data that its helpful to the team. Since we all get emails of the issues, the team is alerted and then we all can start piling on comments. Then once it is done, we can simply push the commit with a ‘close #123′ and now the issues is closed.

Again, nothing amazing, just a simple tool and a simple technique that is making my life better.


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Sr. Software Engineer at Dovetail Software.
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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dru. Just what I was looking for. Started testing huboard as well, but the CLI integration through ghi was way cool :)