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This week I had the pleasure of getting to attend the DotNetFringe conference. This was hosted in Portland, OR (a place I had never been) and it was an outstanding conference. Thank you to all of the organizers for putting … Continue reading 

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A short note on build tasks

Surely, I’m behind the curve here but I’ve been thinking about the typical build process here at work. For a long time I’ve been operating off of the classic model from back in my NAnt days where it was all … Continue reading 

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The Business Value of Short Branches

Context: I recently wrote this for an internal email. I thought I would share it with the rest of my friends. In the world of software development, we can’t say it’s done until the code is in production, working, and … Continue reading 

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Message Context and MassTransit

Did you know that MassTransit has the ability to ‘smuggle’ data? Now maybe smuggle isn’t the right word, but messages in MassTransit have the ability to carry ‘more’ than one contract of data. For example, at work, some of our … Continue reading 

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MassTransit and Interface Contracts

 MassTransit interface-style messages Did you know that in MassTransit you can use interfaces for your message contracts rather than classes? If not, you can and here is how. Let’s take the following example: Nothing too surprising here I hope. We … Continue reading 

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