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Message Context and MassTransit

Did you know that MassTransit has the ability to ‘smuggle’ data? Now maybe smuggle isn’t the right word, but messages in MassTransit have the ability to carry ‘more’ than one contract of data. For example, at work, some of our … Continue reading 

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MassTransit and Interface Contracts

┬áMassTransit interface-style messages Did you know that in MassTransit you can use interfaces for your message contracts rather than classes? If not, you can and here is how. Let’s take the following example: Nothing too surprising here I hope. We … Continue reading 

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From IoC to require

Lately I have been working on building out my first non-trivial application with node. It has been a very interesting smashing of my brain cells. Coming from a strictly typed language and moving into a prototype based language has removed … Continue reading 

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A story on composable systems

<warning>This is a long post that attempts to describe a positive experience leveraging multiple frameworks</warning> TL;DR. Static Typing / IoC == AWESOME FLEXIBILITY Recently while working at Dovetail I had the absolute pleasure to provide a solution to a customer … Continue reading 

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Slice of Life: Converting my Personal Site

Over the last few months I have been having a lot of fun converting my personal site ( from a pure static html site, to one that uses a back end server side language. When I first started the main … Continue reading 

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