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Message Context and MassTransit

Did you know that MassTransit has the ability to ‘smuggle’ data? Now maybe smuggle isn’t the right word, but messages in MassTransit have the ability to carry ‘more’ than one contract of data. For example, at work, some of our … Continue reading 

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MassTransit and Interface Contracts

¬†MassTransit interface-style messages Did you know that in MassTransit you can use interfaces for your message contracts rather than classes? If not, you can and here is how. Let’s take the following example: Nothing too surprising here I hope. We … Continue reading 


BRAIN DUMP: Conventional Routing in RabbitMQ

As I sit here¬†and ponder how we are going to implement RabbitMQ in MassTransit I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts. Below is my brain dump on how we are thinking we will approach RabbitMQ. Please give … Continue reading 



This week I attended the CodeMash conference in Sandusky, OH. The conference was another excellent oppertunity to really reach out to other technologies and see what I could learn from them. And I had just that opportunity when I say … Continue reading 


MassTransit: Next Steps (for dru)

For the last three years Chris and I have been working on MassTransit in various amounts of capacity. I am very excited to see us both back in active development again. I hope to see a few releases this year … Continue reading 


When is one container (IoC) not enough?

Recently, Chris and I have been working on the next release of MassTransit (MT) and in the process of getting everything all nice and shiny we ran smack into an issue that neither of us have really had the chance … Continue reading