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Tweaking the WCSF Validation Bundle

Jarod has a nice post where he demonstrates how to reduce the number of postbacks that occur when using the ServerSideValidationExtender included as part of the Validation Bundle. Jarod demonstrates how to subclass the PropertyProxyValidator and override the EvaluateIsValid() method … Continue reading 

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Seattle CodeCamp Recap

Like all good things, sadly Seattle CodeCamp has come to an end. I had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with all the CodeCampers. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the different challenges customers are facing in their implementations. I … Continue reading 

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Seattle CodeCamp talks

I forgot to post on this, well better late than never. This weekend I’m speaking at the Seattle CodeCamp on WCSF and SCSF. Actually Day one is over, which leaves one more talk left tomorrow on using SCSF and the … Continue reading 

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Spiking around Notification and Generics Part I

As part of the new work we are doing in the new Composite WPF, we’re looking at notification (Pub/Sub). In the CAB world, the way we handled notification was via our EventBroker functionality which provides a loosely coupled mechanism for … Continue reading 

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How we work in the patterns & practices client program

Several weeks ago, I was interviewed along with Blaine Wastell (Program Manager) by around how be operate in patterns & practices, specifically in the client program. We talk about both the product planning / strategic side as well as … Continue reading 

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IoC.AddComponent<IBloggingStrategy, CodeBetterBloggingStrategy>();

public class BlogIntro { public BlogIntro(IBloggingStrategy blogger) { blogger.Post(“Hello CodeBetter”); } } Hello CodeBetter! Hi guys, I am excited to be joining the CodeBetter community. Rather than bore everyone with a lot of history, I’ll give a quick intro. I … Continue reading 

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