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Web Client Software Factory 2.0 shipped!

As promised, WE’RE LIVE!!!!!   (Image courtesy of hyku via After a long haul and several posts such as here and here, we’re finally out the door with the next version of the Web Client Software Factory! Read more … Continue reading 

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XML and Fluent Interfaces

I have posted several times in the past on Fluent Interfaces. I think about Fluent Interfaces much in the same way I think about recursive functions, that is they are not for everything, but when you find the situation that … Continue reading 

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Web Client 2.0, what’s the hold up?

As is obvious from the comments, we’ve hit some delays. This reason is due to GAT/GAX issues with version 1.4. Those issues have been resolved and GAT/GAX 1.4 has now shipped. I guess you can say that the previews ended, … Continue reading 

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Patterns, it’s about teaching people how to fish

Today Larry Brader (Our Lead Test Manager) and I were having an interesting conversation that led me to make the above statement. Larry and I were discussing the root drivers for many of the architectural qualities I have been pushing … Continue reading 

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Have you heard of SFD?

OK, you’ve heard of TDD and BDD, but have you heard of SFD? SFD stands for Simple-First Development. It’s a principle that we’re driving on as we move forward in our "Prism" (Composite WPF) project. Essentially it means that when … Continue reading 

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