Web Client Software Factory 2.0 shipped!

As promised, WE’RE LIVE!!!!!


(Image courtesy of hyku via http://www.flickr.com/photos/hyku/480867085/)

After a long haul and several posts such as here and here, we’re finally out the door with the next version of the Web Client Software Factory!

Read more about the release from Blaine and Mike!

Highlights include

  • Runs on Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5
  • New stand alone Guidance Assets that you can pull into your existing sites without the entire factory. (Currently only for Visual Studio 2005, but will be revved for Visual Studio 2008)
  • Adds support for ASP.NET AJAX and new AJAX extenders
  • A boat load of new Quickstarts and How-Tos
  • New Order Management Reference Implementation
  • Significant perf enhancements

WCSF 2.0 has something for ASP.NET developers everywhere. We’ve done a bunch of work adding new capabilities that you can pull into your existing ASP.NET sites without needing the entire factory. This means if you don’t want to commit to using the entire factory in your apps, you don’t have to!

Thanks foremost to my team, and all the partners, advisors and customers who helped make this a reality.

Download the bits from the landing page here.


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