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Heading to Boise Code Camp


A few months ago I heard through the grapevine about plans for a Code Camp in Boise. Next thing you know Jarod has emailed me asking if I would be interested in attending. I am a geek at heart, and always jump at the opportunity to hang out with folks and hear about all the cool stuff they are doing (as well as share of the cool stuff we’ve been up to). So as you can imagine, it was a no-brainer. I am happy to say that I’ll be joining my famed colleague Scott Hanselman at Code Camp and delivering two talks, on WCSF and "Prism" which you can find out more about below.

The patterns & practices Web Client Software Factory provides a set of guidance assets for building composite web applications. It also includes a rich set of features for AJAX-enabling your LOB apps. Come to this session and we’ll take a deep dive into what the factories offer. We’ll do this through lots of ad-hoc coding, and very few slides.

Over in patterns & practices we’ve been busy working on a new set of guidance for building composite apps with WPF. If your familiar with SCSF/CAB then we’re doing a bunch of things differently than we have in the past and we’re starting from scratch. In addition to wanting you to be able to leverage the full capabilities of WPF, we want to make it much easier to use within your WPF apps both new and existing than smart client. Come to this session and get an early look at this work.

If you’ll be in the area and want to know about what we’ve been up to in the client program in p&p, then come check it out. Also, even if your not planning to attend, then I’d love to chat with you about anything tech, so don’t be bashful :)

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  • http://elegantcode.com Chris Brandsma

    I look forward to meeting you. Hopefully our 450 attendees (gasp) will be a good audience.