Prism Drop 2

We just shipped our next "Prism" drop on codeplex. Below is a list of some of the signficant changes.

  • RegionManagerService no longer exposes AddViewToRegion.
  • Added a sliding region to the shell which displays the watch list.
  • Add to Watchlist functionality now works. A custom AddWatchCommand command uses a WatchListService to add the new item

I have also added a page to our wiki that gives detail as to what these changes are, why we are doing them and the impact they have in the RI.

Going forward I hope :-) to drop a new wiki page with each release. Each page will be accessible from the new Releases page. Let me know if the level of depth is right, or if there are other things you would like see covered.

We aim to improve…..

Get the bits here. Feedback is welcome and expected 😉

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