Extreme Patterns with Oren

On my way to Tech-Ed Israel, I stopped over in Tel Aviv for a few nights. While there, I had the pleasure of having a small chat with Oren Eini around patterns. The chat was insightful as Oren let his passion for applying patterns shine through. The best part of the video is when he  discussed various techniques he uses to aid development teams in their adoption. Just see for yourself, it’s a real treat.

Disclaimer: I do not support any of the techniques mentioned in this video. This is a professionally trained actor. Please kids, don’t try this at home.

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  • Chua Wen Ching

    Hi. Is there a way to download this video for offline viewing? My internet is slow here.

  • http://blogpanjkov.qsh.eu/ Dragan Panjkov

    From now on I see world of software development from a new and exciting perspective.

  • http://elegantcode.com Jan Van Ryswyck
  • Vadim

    Video no longer available

  • Andrew Tobin

    Damn, this is why I have so much trouble learning from the web.

    Thank God that Amazon has a weight listing for the books so I know if they’re heavy enough to impart knowledge to me 😉

    Great stuff guys!

  • http://blog.goinsane.co.uk Casey

    Acctions speak louder than words, grenades speak louder than actions!