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Ruby on Rails on the DLR, getting closer

Just caught this little gem from John Lam on Twitter This is very good news.

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Using ViewModels and DataTemplates to compose your UI

Several drops ago we introduced a ViewModel composition spike. The purpose of this spike was to introduce a different way to compose your UI that WPF offers. That is instead of having your views and regions be UI-Elements, having them … Continue reading 

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Dispelling some urban legends about LINQ to SQL

Scott has a great post where he dispels the following two myths about using LINQ to SQL. LINQ to SQL requires you to start with a database schema. LINQ to SQL requires your classes to implement INotifyPropertyChanged and use EntitySet<T> … Continue reading 

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Guidance for developing custom solutions with SharePoint 2007.

First let me start off by allaying all your fears, “No it’s not another factory”.   For a while we’ve been hearing a lot of requests from customers for patterns & practices to deliver guidance on SharePoint. For several weeks now we’ve been … Continue reading 

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Prism, CAB, and WinForms futures

On the forums, Bil asked the questions below. Just wondering about guidance here. I have clients who are not ready or able to move to 3.5/VS2008 yet but need to start developing new Smart Client applications. They’re also not ready … Continue reading 

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WPF, from this to that..Wow!

A few weeks ago, our reference implementation for Prism looked like this. Early on we decided that we needed the RI to have a better look in feel so that it delivered a more real world WPF experience. We hired … Continue reading 

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Prism vs Framework XXX There’s been a bunch of talk on the net comparing Prism to other frameworks that exist. In many cases comparisons are being made based on feature parity and such. I think it’s important to make the distinction of why … Continue reading 

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Unity and Silverlight

It can be done! Go read Chris’s post for more. Jared if you are listening, we need this for PrismContrib. (which I still need to post about)

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Reflections on ALT.NET Seattle, breakfast

What do you do before you head over to a day of grueling open-space sessions? Why head to Ruby’s diner for breakfast of course.   Here’s my table with Jeremy Miller, Jason Grundy and Jarod Ferguson. We weren’t the only … Continue reading 

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Clarification: We are not against using Unity, the Prism RI uses Unity, and we’ve been very happy with it’s implementation. We are after all one of Unity’s first internal customers. On the other hand, we want to make it easier for customers to … Continue reading 

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