WPF, from this to that..Wow!

A few weeks ago, our reference implementation for Prism looked like this.


Early on we decided that we needed the RI to have a better look in feel so that it delivered a more real world WPF experience. We hired a design firm to create XAML proofs based on our implementation. The process on their end was two fold. First there we a graphic designer who created non XAML proofs. Then a XAML developer converted those proofs to XAML.

Once we got the proofs, Adam Calderon from Interknowlogy (on our team) team took two weeks, and merged the new XAML into our existing codebase. In the migration, there were a few aspects of the proofs that we decided not to apply because we wouldn’t push on the scenarios we need to. However, the changes we did apply, did not require much code rework to the application itself.

This is what came out of that effort, and what was in our last drop.


I must admit, I was previously skeptical of the whole designer-developer interaction and what was really possible. I am definitely now a true believer! Great job WPF team!

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  • http://www.codebetter.com/blogs/glenn.block/ gblock

    Thanks @Skwr

    Interesting that the poor UI turned you away. The look and feel of the UI is definitely completely unrelated. I guess though with it being WPF, it feels wrong to have an ugly looking UI.

  • Skwr

    I must admit, I had very brief look at prism, but the poor UI turned me away from it at the start – A polished first impression speaks for the quality of the underlying code. Yes I know the two are unrelated, and that the view is shallow, but if I took that view, certainly others have done so.

    Congrats on the new look

  • http://www.codebetter.com/blogs/glenn.block/ gblock

    Thanks @John and @Bryan

    We agree it’s an improvement. As to Silverlight, we do have this…http://www.codeplex.com/prismcontrib :)

  • http://Bryan.ReynoldsLive.com Bryan Reynolds

    Agreed, much nicer!

    I just finished reading Adam Nathan WPF Unleashed. The framework is impressive.

    When I get a chance I definitely want to get into Prism.

  • http://johnpapa.net John Papa

    That looks much sweeter! XAML really does work at making a richer UX experience whether it be Silverlight or WPF.