Composite Application Guidance, time to ship

The last time I did one of these posts, I was off on how close we were, by about a month. Well this time that’s not the case. At the end of last week we dropped an RC for Composite Application Guidance AKA Prism. This week the only thing left to do is to ship. :-)

If you checkout the RC, here’s what you’ll find.

  • Stock Trader Reference Implementation

  • Composite Application Library

  • Quickstarts on UI Composition, Commanding, Event Aggregator, and Modularity

  • One hands on-lab

  • Comprehensive docs including patterns, design concepts, technical concepts, RI overview and API.

  • Several spikes including a version of Family Show which we upgraded to use the CAL, and a version of our RI using Castle Windsor

If you haven’t been keeping up, we went through some significant changes over the past few iterations. At the top of the list we changed most of the places in the RI where we were implementing MVP to use Presentation Model. We also factored out our EventAggregator PrismEvent into a abstract BaseEvent and a CompositeWPFEvent.

It’s been a great journey getting here, one that many of you traveled with us. The team is thrilled to have reached the end of the road and to be able to deliver the fruits of our efforts. We’re counting the grains of sand as they fall.

Download the RC here.

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  • Glenn Block

    Thanks Casey!

  • Casey

    Cheers … :) Good work all

  • dacanetdev

    Please put the URL, I’m really interested on Composite Application

  • gblock

    @Casey thanks for pointing out that oversight. I posted it above, but here it is for your convenience :)

  • Casey

    I would congratulate you, and rush off to download … but you seem to have forgotten the URL :)