Attending Continuous Improvement conf (and giving a workshop)

The name alone pulls me in. Continuous improvement at the end of the day is really what we’re striving for. The names and methodologies we use to get there aren’t important, what’s important is that we get there. 

With that in mind, I’ll be attending the Continuous Improvement in Software Development conference in Austin to see how I can improve (at least from a software engineering perspective).

While I am there, I’ll be joining Jeremy and others and delivering a workshop. So far the topic chosen is a Prism "nuts" and "bolts" however it doesn’t have to be. This workshop is for you, not me, so in keeping with the spirit set by my predecessors :), what would you like me to speak on. Here’s some options:

  • Prism "Nuts" & "Bolts"
  • Opening up your app with the Managed Extensibility Framework (Why it’s not a traditional IoC container)
  • Separated Presentation Patterns in WPF

You decide…….

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  • Joshua Flanagan

    Actually, regarding MEF, I’d like to see you and Jeremy do a session (not necessarily as a workshop) where you try to convince him there is a good scenario where using MEF (with StructureMap) is better than using StructureMap alone. I think that would do a lot to help sell the technology to a crowd that is already happy with their IOC tol.

  • Joshua Flanagan

    +1 MEF

  • Eric Hexter

    I would like to see MEF in painful detail so that I can see how it is different from my container of choice.

  • Glenn Block

    Jeremy and I just spoke. He suggested maybe that he and I join forces and do the separated presentation patterns talk together. That would be awesome! (So my answer is yes)

  • Scott

    I would vote MEF as my first choice, separated presentation in wpf as second. But I don’t do any WPF so I’m biased against it 😉

  • Tom Opgenorth

    Hmmmm tough choices. However, if I have to pick one, I’d pick MEF.