I am speaking at Øredev

This year I’ll be skipping an awesome visit to Barcelona to head on and be with friends in Malmo, Sweden at the next Øredev.


I’ll be speaking on the usual suspects and some new ones

  • Building maintainable enterprise WPF applications using Composite Application Guidance

  • Opening up your application with the Managed Extensibility Framework

  • Microsoft and ALT.NET – At the crossroads

I am really excited to be attending! Much thanks to Magnus, Brad and Krzysztof for making it all possible. If you are going and would to chat please ping me through my blog contact page, I’d love to meet up.

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  • http://PauloMorgado.NET/ Paulo Morgado

    Now we really have to meet at the PDC.

  • http://www.codebetter.com/blogs/glenn.block/ Glenn Block

    @Torkel, yes I will be at PDC. I haven’t posted that one yet :) Krys and I will be presenting on MEF.

  • http://www.codinginstinct.com Torkel

    Öredev is looking really nice this year (especially the ALT.NET track).

    I wish I was going, but I am going to PDC instead, will you present anything at PDC?