More MEF Samples and launch of MEF contrib.

The past few weeks, the momentum has picked up around samples using MEF. In my last post I mentioned a few. Now today two great posts. First, Brad A (my awesome boss) has gone and done a really nice MEF 101 post. Kudos to Brad for finding the time out of his ultra busy schedule to play with MEF, and for delivering this nice easily digestible sample!

Just when you thought you had your fill for MEF for one day, Bill Kratchovil goes and does a post on using MEF and Prism. For me this was a double gift as those are the two sweet spots in my heart.  Not only that, but he’s gone and created MEF Contrib. I love to see it when the community takes the bull by the horns with these contrib projects. I am looking forward to the work Bill and others (yes I am talking to you) add to this.

Good times!

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