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Elegant Code Cast on ALT.NET and Microsoft

Last week, David Start of Elegant Code and I got a chance to chat on ALT.NET, Open Source at Microsoft, and MEF. David was a great host who I am sure loved  responded as he through some curve balls at … Continue reading 

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Finding the right level of coupling This is a follow up from my previous post on Composite extensions for Win Forms. Early on as we started the development of Prism, we had a few decisions to make around our coupling to WPF. We knew that … Continue reading 

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Bringing Prism to WinForms

Brian Noyes just posted a set of Composite Extensions for WinForms which includes a  working and very simple (see below) sample. The sample illustrates: Bootstrapping with Unity Module Loading Event Aggregation Simple Regions It’s great to see that Brian is … Continue reading 

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Open Space UnSessions at PDC

I forget to mention this in my last post, but this deserves it’s own. If you are going to PDC, check out the Open Space sessions, I mean UnSessions. I know, I know you are thinking it will be a … Continue reading 

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Speaking at PDC and patterns And practices summit.

I’ll be speaking at a bunch of conferences in the next two months, two of which I am extremely excited about. PDC is one of those amazing conferences that I’ve been hearing about for the past three years since joining … Continue reading 

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IServiceLocator a step toward IoC container / Service locator detente

Today we launched an exciting project on CodePlex, namely the Common Service Locator library. What is it? It’s a shared interface that applications and frameworks can reference in order to leverage IoC containers / service location mechanisms without taking hard dependencies. … Continue reading 

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MEF going MS-PL, the little engine that could.

MEF is going MS-PL!!! Several weeks ago, we shipped our first drop of MEF on CodePlex. The source license for that drop was MS-LPL or the Microsoft Limited Permissive License. This license enables the source to be freely used on … Continue reading 

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