On Oxite

Lots of posts on Oxite. I won’t reiterate what they’ve said, though Rob Conery has done a great analysis here. I’ll just share my own quick brutally honest thoughts. There is no excuse for this. There are tons of folks both internal to Microsoft or external that can help people who want to learn good practices for developing software. The fact that the MVC team was not even consulted by the Oxite guys is literally stunning. Not to mention all the other folks we have internally like patterns & practices, folks in our evangelism team, and TDD and Agile email discussion groups which have hundreds of folks. I really wish the "Look what we can do" mentality would become a thing of the past.

As others have said, I do applaud the team for their efforts at delivering Oxite as an application that the community can learn from. I think however that they should have used a different approach on how they delivered it.

My parting thought before I head to bed, if you want to develop something that will be useful to the community as guidance, don’t built it behind closed doors, build it WITH the community. Don’t tell them it’s good guidance, let THEM tell you.

As the great Forest Gump once said "And that’s all I have to say about that."

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  • karl

    @rob, thx for the update.

  • http://blog.wekeroad.com Rob Conery

    @karl I’ve been on the team non-stop to pull it from Codeplex and up to now they’ve decided not to. The main issue is the holidays – people are just gone. I’m still working on it… I’m trying :).

  • karl

    I know you can’t speak directly for this, but why hasn’t this been pulled yet? Remove it, fix it, re-release it. Seems like they are just waiting it out until we stop bitching about it (which is bound to be pretty soon). EVERYONE admits the code is poor, what’s the harm in removing it and saying “we’re gonna make this better, stay tuned” and simply admitting a mistake was made?