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ALT.NET Seattle Day 1 reflection – Learn, Share, Grow

I am sitting here at the opening of ALT.NET Seattle. I look around and see the words “Learn, Share, Grow” on a poster, words I first wrote on the ALT.NET wiki about two months ago. At the time when I … Continue reading 

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Event Aggregation with MEF (with and without EventAggregator)

The title probably sounds like an oxymoron, but it is not. Recently there was a question on our CodePlex forums from Denis Vuyka about whether or not MEF supports anything like EventBroker for pub/sub type communication. Asking such a question … Continue reading 

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CommonServiceLocator for MEF, a service is a service.

Today, I finally got around to uploading a CommonServiceLocator adapter for MEF. The code is actually quite simple thanks to Chris Tavares providing ServiceLocatorImplBase (Updated thanks for feedback from a bunch of folks) public class MefServiceLocator : ServiceLocatorImplBase { private … Continue reading 

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