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Why doesn’t MEF support open-generics for exports? Because MEF is not type based.

Update: We’ve posted an extension for doing open generics in MEF contrib. Read about it here: I get this question all the time. Recently it popped it’s head on the forums in this thread (which I referred to in … Continue reading 

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Recomposition and constructors

Yesterday on twitter I was expressing how far behind I am  on blogging, and how I don’t know where to start. Ayende (Oren) responded by saying “Just start bloggging!” So here goes. Ben Hall pinged me over IM yesterday asking … Continue reading 

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Very colorful comments about Prism 2

This is a response to a quite colorful rant I received in email from Steve regarding a  Prism 2 post I did a while ago. I was so impressed by the literary quality of the piece that I thought it only … Continue reading 

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