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Poco, Mef, and custom type systems. Are you ready to take the red pill? I am about to show you in this post an approach to how poco (Plain Old Clr Objects [without attributes]) can be achieved with our current MEF codebase through creation of a new type system. Are you ready t0 … Continue reading 

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MEF Preview 5, changes and enhancements

We recently shipped MEF preview 5 on Codeplex, an exciting release. In the latest release, you’ll find we’ve made quite a few changes, and some really powerful enhancements to our previous codebase. In this post, I’ll talk about those changes … Continue reading 

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Creating a functional programming model for MEF

Disclaimer: This is a prototype, not production ready code. It is more illustrative of what you can do with MEF, and how things work under the covers. The other day I was working one of our internal partners who is … Continue reading 

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