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Open-generic support in MEF Contrib

A while ago I said it couldn’t be done, at least without hacky string parsing. Folks weren’t happy and they let us know it including Oren. Our team know the power that open-generic support brings to systems, but at the … Continue reading 

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Herding code on MVVM and other presentation patterns in WPF and Silverlight

Recently I had the pleasure of having a nice lively discussion on Herding Code with my cohorts Ward Bell,  Rob Eisenberg and Jeremy Miller around one of our favorite topics, Presentation Patterns. We let the gloves come off and went … Continue reading 

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Should I use MEF for my general IoC needs?

Disclaimer: This is not an encouragement to use MEF to replace your IoC container, these are guidelines to help those who are considering it’s use. This has been a question we hear again and again both internally and externally.  MEF in V1 … Continue reading 

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The spirit of MVVM (ViewModel), it’s not a code counting exercise.

<Warning>Long post follows</Warning> Lately there is a lot of momentum and interesting conversation around Model-View-View-Model. There’s several good resources out there that discuss the basics of the pattern, who the actors are that are involved and what role the play. … Continue reading 

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Stable Composition in MEF Preview 6

Nick just posted on a new and very important feature we added in Preview 6 which we call Stable Composition. To give you an idea of why we added this, in the past if you had a part, say OrderProcessor, … Continue reading 

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