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Building the Hello MEF dashboard in Silverlight 4 – Part I

In my last post I illustrated some of the basics of MEF through a Hello MEF dashboard app that I used in my PDC talk. In this series of posts, we’ll build that application from scratch and then go even … Continue reading 

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MEF has landed in Silverlight 4. We come in the name of extensibility. At PDC we announced that MEF has is now part of Silverlight 4. This may sound like alien speak :-), so I’ll break it down for you. It means building maintainable/pluggable RIA apps just got a whole lot easier.  … Continue reading 

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Building extensible RIAs at PDC

        This week I’ll be attending PDC in Los Angeles speaking about using MEF in Silverlight. Building Extensible Rich Internet Applications with the Managed Extensibility Framework  In Hall F on Thursday at 11:30 AM Learn how the Microsoft … Continue reading 

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Should I use MEF with an IoC container? – Part 1

In my post “Should I use MEF for my IoC needs” we took a look at the question of whether or not it is appropriate to use MEF instead of a traditional IoC container. In this post we’ll discuss the question of … Continue reading 

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